BOS Banks Outsourcing Services, Inc.

BOS Banks Outsourcing Services, Inc. is a business outsourcing company that specializes in providing relevant and effective business solutions for logistically-challenged cash management companies. We strive to develop new and revolutionary systems customized to meet the peculiar needs and requirements of our clients...

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BOS Security, Solutions & Services, Inc.

As the newest among the Gemini Group, BOS Security Solutions & Services, Inc. promises as one of the more equipped to service banks and other financial institutions. BOS Security, Solutions & Services, Inc. comprehensive line of products and services provides the flexibility and credibility to deliver additional logistical support to client banks...

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SolidChem, Industries, Inc.

SolidChem, Industries, Inc. is among the high-grade sanitation products manufacturer in the Philippines. For more than 5 years in the industry, SolidChem has been serving the Philippines need for sanitation products and household cleaners. We offer a wide range of industrial and specialty cleaning products that find their way into factories, offices and household. You can be sure that So..

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Signed & Delivered, Inc.

A courier service designed specifically for banks and other like institutions, Signed and Delivered, Inc. ensures reliable and safe carriage of sensitive and valuable parcels and documents across the busy streets of the metropolis. Taking into consideration the nature of its cargo, SDI guarantees absolute confidentiality and security of your package and preserves the integrity of its securi..

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Advanced Solutions

Cash Center

The effective and efficient management of cash centers is fast emerging as ..

Microfinance (End to End Solution)

The proliferation of loans (salary loans, personal loans, housing loan, bus..