ATM Easy Cash Card

The ALL-IN-ONE Card that you can use and withdraw in any ATM. Can be used as payment in any country...

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  • Low Defect Rate within 24-Month Full Service Warranty
  • Superior Reliability - Works Even When Internet is Down
  • Track even without Internet/map access
  • Understand locations Instantly without Zoom Out/In
  • Add up to 1,000 own locations (office, home, clients, etc.)
  • Mulch-lingual with selectable primary language
  • No server setup or Internet connection ne..

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  • Sanitation Products and Household Cleaners

    SolidChem is one of the leading sanitation products manufacturer in the Philippines. Offering a wide array of industrial and specialty cleaning products that find their way into various factories, offices and households, everyone can be sure that SolidChem can deliver at the highest quality possible...

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