The first company was born way back in 1986 after an accidental trip to Toronto, Canada. That time, Canada was so full of opportunities in trade, business, employment and career wise. The founder saw the need for a medium of providing a financial service for Filipinos to send money back home at a very affordable and efficient way. The first Canadian Enterprise was named and registered as Fil- Canadian Exchange reflective of a unique money door-to-door service catering exclusively for Filipino-Canadians and their relatives in the Philippines.

In 2004, the company was renamed to Gemini Worldwide Inc. doing businesses under Gemini Express and Gemini Kabayan Box.

The founder who is based in the Philippines established a company named Gemini Exchange International, Inc. to tie up and partner with Fil-Canadian Exchange. It started with one client and his recipient staying somewhere in the outskirts of Antipolo, Rizal using the facility of the old pager and telex system. The clientele grew steadily until it came to the age of the Fax machines and cell phones which to date are being threatened by the new and most advanced technology of wireless gadgets and applications.

The business started to grow when a prestigious bank in the Philippines approached us and offered to buy our very small business which we politely declined. Hence, they decided to avail of our services and to be their delivery service provider and we have to basically operate on a nationwide basis. Having successfully supported the first client bank, the other bank players or the entire banking industry slowly and one by one subscribe to our delivery and fulfillment services.

Having that expertise of managing a super high-risk undertaking caught the eyes of non-bank players and specifically the huge international remittance companies which are now part of our valued clients.

After achieving a milestone in the remittance industry, we ventured into higher level by providing Armored Vans to the Philippine banking industry and lately we have embarked into a project in partnership with Megalink Network in deploying ATM’s and P.O.S. machines including the launching of a mobile ATM. Maintaining and operating Cash Centers for the banking industry is now in a blue print waiting for some technology enhancement from a foreign business partner. This company even ventured into the Foreign Exchange Trading (GEMINI FOREX) and another company engaged in retail Money Exchange and Pawnshop facilities (Subic Money Changer).

Also, we have expanded our Solutions and Service support capabilities by putting up the company named BOS – Banks Outsourcing Services, Inc.

Lately, it has also ventured ambitiously further into the real estate business and currently two major projects are in the pipeline like a medium size Hotel and Business Plaza & Arcade.

By today’s standards, Gemini Group of Companies remains The Best Service Provider and The Better Choice for all your business’s needs.